US Syria

The Western countries, led by the USA, have accused the Syrian government of carrying out the chemical attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib Province, to justify last night’s 59 Tomahawk cruise missile attacks on Syria.

But America may well be lying again – as they did to attack Iraq and kill Saddam Hussein 11 years ago – when it says that Syria possesses chemical weapons.

Consider the following :

Less than three years ago, it was none other than the USA, which had destroyed Syria’s entire stockpile of chemical weapons and even their manufacturing facilities. On August 18, 2014, the U.S. Defense Department had officially announced that it had neutralized Syria’s most dangerous chemical weapons.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel had called Navy Capt. Richard Dromerhauser aboard the U.S. container ship MV Cape Ray to congratulate his crew on finishing their work weeks ahead of schedule.

The destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons had begun following a chemical attack in Damascus and the UN Security Council’s resolution in September 2013 asking Syria to destroy its chemical weapons and its chemical weapon production facilities.

On 23 June 2014, the last declared chemical weapons were shipped out of Syria for destruction. The destruction of the most dangerous chemical weapons was performed at sea aboard the Cape Ray, a vessel of the United States Maritime Administration’s Ready Reserve Force, crewed with U.S. civilian merchant mariners. The actual destruction operations, performed by a team of US army civilians and contractors, destroyed 600 metric tons of chemical agents in 42 days.

How can America and other major Western countries, then, accuse Syria of launching a chemical gas attack when America itself had destroyed Syria’s chemical weapons? Donald Trump has not cared to give any explanation so far.

Significantly, US backed Syrian rebel faction Army of Islam has welcomed the American T0mahawk cruise missile attack and has asked for more such strikes.

The Army of Islam aims to create an Islamic State under Sharia laws. This group, along with Ahrar ash-Sham is the main rebel groups in Syria, which are being provided military and financial support by USA, other Western countries and Saudi Arabia.

“Hitting one airbase is not enough – there are 26 airbases that target civilians,” leader of the Army of Islam, Mohamed Alloush, said on Twitter. “The whole world should save the Syrian people from the clutches of the killer Bashar [al-Assad] and his aides.”

Critiques have already accused that it was not the Syrian government but the US backed rebel groups, which triggered Tuesday’s chemical weapon (nerve gas) attack to provoke stronger US involvement in the Syrian civil war. They have even alleged that photographs of children, wounded in the gas attack, had been doctored by The White Helmets – a Syrian civil defence group. White House has denied the allegations.

Following US vice-president’s recent claims on chemical weapons in Syria the Russian foreign ministry reminded US that all chemical weapons were taken out of Syria by mid-2014 with US assistance.

Walid Muallem, Syrian foreign minister, asked on Thursday: “The accusations against the Syrian army using chemical weapons make no sense since Damascus has been succeeding in fighting on all fronts.” He questioned: “In such a context, would it be logical for us to use chemical weapons?”

The USA is maintaining a studied silence on demands that there should be a multi-national, full-fledged investigation of the reported chemical weapons attack in the vicinity of the Khan Shaykhun settlement in the Idlib province on April 4.