Stephen Hawking

British scientist Stephen Hawking fears he “may not be welcome” in the United States now that Donald Trump is President.

In an interview with ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Monday, Hawking described President Trump’s election as “a definite swing to a right-wing” and a “more authoritarian approach.”

He was especially critical of the appointment of Scott Pruitt, “a man who does not believe that carbon dioxide causes climate change,” as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

“He should replace Scott Pruitt at the Environment Protection Agency,” Hawking told ITV.

“Climate change is one of the great dangers we face, and it’s one we can prevent,” he said.

“It affects America badly, so tackling it should win votes for [Trump’s] second term, God forbid.”

He suggested that the appointment of Pruitt, as well as the promise of a border wall and the sanctioning of two oil pipelines, are designed to “satisfy [Trump’s] electorate, who are neither liberal nor that well-informed.”

“I have many friends and colleagues [in the US] and it is still a place I like and admire in many ways,” he said, “but I fear that I may not be welcome.”

His comments about the US President echo those he had made in May last year, before Trump became the Republican nominee. At the time, Hawking had described Trump as “a demagogue, who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator.”