An injured man is treated at a local hospital after an explosion Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in Sehwan on February 16 (AFP)

Pakistan’s army says it has killed more than 100 “terrorists” in 24 hours of mass security operations following an Isis suicide bombing that killed more than 80 people.

Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor said raids were still underway across the country, including in the province of Punjab where several militants have died in gun battles in recent days.

A spokesperson for Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff said the military would act for security against “all types of threat”.

“Nation to stay steadfast with full confidence in their security forces,” he added.

“We shall not let the hostile agenda succeed whatever it may cost.”

Authorities said a large number of arrests were also made as intelligence agencies work to uncover terror networks liked to Isis, the Taliban and al-Qaeda, according to The Independent

The Pakistani armed forces said the country’s border with Afghanistan had been closed since Thursday night and all unauthorised entry would be stopped.

It has accused its neighbouring country of sheltering terrorists, sending a list of 76 people suspected of planning or supporting attacks in Pakistan, while Afghanistan has made the same allegation.

Afghan diplomats were summoned to the military’s General Headquarters in Rawalpindi over the allegations, with Pakistan demanding their counterparts took “immediate action” against named suspects or hand them over.

Government officials said the crackdown would continue nationwide over the coming days, following a week of bloody terror attacks claimed by both Isis and a faction of the Taliban.