K. Ramachandran


K. Ramachandran, general secretary of CPI(ML) Red Star has been released from police custody. He was put on the Delhi-bound Rajdhani Express on Monday evening. He reached New Delhi on Tuesday morning.

Ramachandran was missing since Sunday after he arrived in Kolkata on his way to Bhangore, where farmers are up in arms against forcible acquisition of their agricultural land for construction of a power grid and several housing complexes.

Observe24x7 had reported on Monday that the Special Branch of the Kolkata police had detained Ramachandran immediately after he arrived at the Kolkata station from Lucknow and was being kept at its Lord Sinha Road office before removing him from there on Monday evening.

In a statement issued from New Delhi on Tuesday, Ramachandran described how he had been kidnapped by the police, who claimed they were from some Central intelligence agency. Observe24x7 maintains that he had been detained by the Kolkata Police and not by any central agency.

“I am not sure whether these criminals who detained and caused such mental harassment to me are from Central Intelligence, WB state intelligence or the goondas of the ex MLA of TNC (Trinamool Congress) and the present MLA and minister in the TNC cabinet, or a combination of all these who staged it,” Ramachandran said in the statement.

“It was a naked fascist act to suffocate my voice, to prevent me from going to the villages to declare solidarity with the affected people and families of the two martyrs, and to address the media at Kolkata explaining the details of the Banghar movement,” Ramachandran said.
The Red Star general secretary said 5-6 men overpowered him as soon as he landed at Kolkata station. He was blindfolded and taken to a location he could not identify.

“They frisked me and took the mobile phone and were claiming they were from Central Intelligence and (were) taking me to meet their seniors. At the office a Malayalee officer who introduced himself as Vinod, interrogated me. He refused to allow me to inform my condition to the family and told that I am detained under instructions from Delhi and future course of action will be decided only tomorrow,”  Ramachandran said.

On Monday afternoon, Ramachandran was again blindfolded and put on a car. “After almost 3 hours it stopped and somebody claiming himself as the chief of Central Intelligence in WB told me that according to instructions from top I have to go back to Delhi forthwith,” he said.

Ramachandran was put on Rajdhani Express at Durgapur. His blindfold was removed. About Rs 3000 and his mobile phone were taken away, he alleged. “As the ticket itself was faulty it was with the help of the train staff I could reach Delhi by 11.30 am.”

The Red Star leader said he had told the police that his organization had no association with Maoists.  “I explained to them how we are building this movement keeping both CPI(M) and CPI(Maoist) away,” he said.

Criticizing the West Bengal government, Ramachandran said, “The developments in Bangore show that Mamata Banerjee, who came to power using the Singur and Nandigram movements, is doing a worse act at Bangore and the people will not allow her to get away with it.”